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To surf a website in a different country, the data has goes through several major segments of the telecommunication network: it starts with (1) your computer or computing device, (2) your router at home, (3) your local connection provided by local (China) telecom operator, (4) the undersea internet cable, (5) the connection from the landing point of internet cable to the website server, and (6) the website server itself. The speed you experience is the slowest of all segments above (also known as a 'bottleneck'). Bottlenecks can occur in any part of that sequence, but in most cases, it is undersea cable linking the continents. Below are some of the other possible bottlenecks we've observed with a certain level of consistency. ADSL:  ADSL is old technology, therefore, slower and less consistent than Fiber Optics. If you are still using ADSL, this will cause your internet to be slow and inconsistent. DNS:  A 'Domain Name Server (DNS)' translates a domain name to a physical address that the computer can find. Without such translation, your computer will either not find the website or will find it inconsistently. This means it will interrupt your connection and kick you off regularly. Many stock routers from the telecom company come with a very basic DNS, and leaves out many popular websites – especially ones based outside of China. So fixing the DNS will resolve the issues for some people. Our Avalaa WiFi router is equipped with the best DNS available in China. Server Overloading:  No other service providers (Strong, Astrill, etc…) caps the number of users for each server. Therefore, tens of thousands of users are using this server at the same time. This is one of the most common causes for network slowness. At Avalaa SecureWeb, we limit the numbers of concurrent users on a particular server, so all users can have fast connection. Router Restriction:  Older routers are not equipped to handle the newer protocols.Peak Traffic Jam: During evening and night hours (19:00 – 24:00) all internet connection slows down simply because EVERYONE uses the internet at the same time.
Yes, for websites located outside the country of your residence, there is significant improvement in response time for most websites.

No, for websites located in the country of your residence, you may notice surfing is slower because local contents are routed overseas first, then back to you. So we recommend that when you heavily use local contents, switch to your regular WiFi / Internet.

Treat it like your regular WiFi Router. It won't work under excessive heat or humidity. As such, place it away from sources of heat and humidity, and away from direct sun light. DON'T Place it on top or below another router or other electronic device.
ABSOLUTELY! Our Family & Friends Media Package is specially optimized for video steaming. It works with Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu, and many more. Because we limit the number concurrent users on our servers, we offer the best video streaming anywhere. Try out is risk free. If you are not satisfied, return it within 7 days and you receive full refund.
Avalaa Router has custom made software that no other routers have. This technologically advanced, custom software enables delivery of the Avalaa SecureWeb service that no other routers can. It eliminates most of the causes of your slow internet. It is the most efficient way to surf Securely, Freely and Easily. The Avalaa Router makes video streaming so simple and clear. It works with Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu, and many more. The Avalaa Router is allocated from the best resources, and has priority settings. It is the easiest way to surf the internet. No client (software) to download, no setup required. Walk into your home or office and Avalaa SecureWeb is already ON.

The primary factor affecting speed is the connection from you to the foreign country you are visiting. For popular destinations, millions and more people may try to visit the same country at the same time and slows traffic down.

Another factor affecting speed is the responsiveness of the website you visit. It can be overwhelmed by millions of hits.

Our advice are: try it at different times of day; try it from another Avalaa server.
Point your browser to: (turn off Avalaa service while doing this). Select a local city close to your current location as the destination. This will show the speed within the country. Current Special Offer:  For limited time, you get 30% OFF on our WiFi Repeater!
The WiFi signal loses strength over distance, and it can't penetrate cement walls. The best solution is to use a WiFi Repeater. We offer an easy to install and easy to use Repeater ( Plug it into a wall outlet near where the signal is weak, and you will get full bars of signal strength.